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5G-HD Enterprise Wi-Fi

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WiFi of the Future

Enterprise Wi-Fi has evolved from a pure access technology to a user engagement platform. Digital stadiums are now capable of delivering truly immersive experiences for fans during game days. University campuses need to provide pervasive coverage and access to students. Travelers are demanding reliable, high-quality Wi-Fi while waiting on the road. And businesses are exploring ways to interact with shoppers and personalize shopping experiences for repeat customers at shopping malls.

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What is 5G-HD Wi-Fi?

The fifth generation, lightning fast technology required to meet the demands for these high-density environments has driven Broadcom’s development of its 5G-HD Wi-Fi platform. The needs of enterprise Wi-Fi environments have grown, in both the number of users requiring access as well as to support multi-media rich applications and data on a mix of client devices with differing capabilities. The Broadcom 5G-HD platform, built on the new BCM43465 Wave 2 11ac radios, is ideal as it enables different configurations for the most versatile Wave-2 5G-HD access point (AP) platforms. When used as a Dual-band, Dual-Concurrent AP, configurations of 2.4+5 or 5+5 GHz can be chosen for either mainstream or high-density modes. Tri-Radio AP can also be chosen at 2.4+5+5 GHz, which provides dedicated radio access for 2.4GHz users, while concurrently supporting dual 5G capability, enabling the ultimate 5G Wi-Fi network.

Dual-Channel Architecture

By supporting the 5G-HD platform with its dual-channel architecture, client devices can be grouped based on capability to ensure each can maintain high performance within the most densely packed Wi-Fi environments. Those who have the latest generation of 5G 11ac-capable smart phones, tablets, and laptops can enjoy the fastest access possible, while at the same time legacy client devices can maintain the performance they are used to. Dual-channel architecture is like now having two lanes on a highway for use. Slow client devices can drive on the right lane and fast devices to the left. Since each client device has its own road, slower legacy clients will no longer reduce the performance or get in the way of those with faster 5G Wi-Fi devices.

The demand for data shows no signs of slowing. ABI Research has estimated that by 2020, there will be 30 billion wireless connected devices, and every worker will have an average of 2.8 devices. With its 5G-HD Wi-Fi platform and dual-channel architecture, Broadcom will continue to develop the enterprise Wi-Fi solutions required to meet the needs of connected users everywhere.

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5G Wireless Products

Broadcom offers a broad range of wireless solutions for mobile and wireless infrastructure applications including smartphones, tablets, internet gateway routers and enterprise access points.

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